45 minutes

Hidden Universe 3D takes audiences on a breathtaking journey to the frontiers of deep space in the cinematic medium that does it best. Our universe is brought to life on the giant IMAX® screen with unprecedented clarity through mesmerizing, real images captured by Hubble and the world’s most powerful telescopes. Explore spectacular galaxies and travel the terrain of Mars; witness images of distant celestial structures including stunning images of our sun; and peer deep inside vivid clouds of nebula to see previously unseen forms. Journey back further into space to learn secrets that until recently were completely hidden. Discover amazing clues that reveal the stars in the night sky are not only tiny specks of light but actual opportunities for life to exist on other planets. In an age where space tourism has become reality, the film offers an inspiring story of human endeavor from a prime seat with a magnificent point-of-view.

The film, is the product of a unique partnership between December Media and Swinburne University’s world-renowned Centre of Astrophysics and Supercomputing. Directed by Russell Scott (Swinburne 3D Productions) and produced by December Media’s Stephen Amezdroz and Emmy™ award winning executive producer Tony Wright.

Hidden Universe is currently playing at IMAX Sydney , IMAX Melbourne and several other theaters worldwide, distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films, the world’s most distinguished distributors of Imax films.