© Malcolm Ludgate 2012

January 2013 – Filming of December Cinema Productions’ 3D IMAX® space film, Hidden Universe has wrapped!

The final filming took place in Chile’s Atacama Desert with the IMAX® Solido 3D camera. The locations were challenging, at times ofan altitude of 5000 metres. The outcome is incredible footage from the moonlike desert landscape and the world’s largest telescopes thatallow us to see an immersive view of the cosmos. CGI animationmakes up 50% of the film, utilising Swinburne University’s 12- teraflop supercomputer to process and animate the vision.

“None of the computer graphics are make-believe. Every image is based on real data, be it Mars, a nebula, the sun, or a galaxy.” Stephen Amezdroz, Producer

Post production has commenced with the film slated for release mid April 2013. The film will be distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films, the world’s most distinguished distributors of Imax films.

More information about the program can be found on the MacGillivray Freeman Films Website.