March 27, 2012 – December Media and Essential Media & Entertainment’s three-part docudrama series Australia on Trial will be on air from the 5th of April.

Presented by historian Michael Cathcart, Australia On Trial is a thought-provoking series, recreating three historic trials that throw light on the Australia of colonial times.

Based on actual court reports, the series provides a unique take on how Australia’s national identity has evolved – and how the moral, social and political questions raised by these trials still resonate in the present day.

Each episode covers a separate trial. The trials featured are The Mount Rennie Rape Trial (1886), The Eureka 13 Trial (1855), and The Myall Creek Massacre Trial (1838).

The series will air on ABC 1 Thursdays at 8:30pm, from 5th April starting with The Mount Rennie OutrageThe Eureka 13 screens the following week Thursday 12th April, 8:30pm and Massacre at Myall Creek on Thursday 19th April, 8:30pm.

More information about the program can be found on the ABC website.

ABC Trailer Episode 3 Massacre at Myall Creek


ABC Trailer Episode 2 The Eureka 13


ABC Trailer Episode 1 The Mount Rennie Outrage